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Wedding Trends for 2024.

Updated: Jan 5

With the 2024 wedding season upon us, we’ve shared some of the newest trends to help you create a personalised and memorable wedding that is all about you and your partner.

Photo by Jess White Photography

Content Creator

If you love posting content on social media and value high-quality videos and photos, then this brand-new service is for you! Book a social media creator to show up to your wedding, create amazing content to mix into TikTok and reels, and mingle with your guests to shoot casual behind-the-scenes footage so you and your wedding party can just focus on the day and not on your screen.

Floral Aisles and Statement Flowers

Ceremony arches are on the way out, making way for more free-flowing floral arrangements. Aisles lined with pots of flowers, plinths and urns with cascading arrangements, or grounded floral alters are all beautiful ways to create a stunning ceremony space. The team from Bryleigh House can help you create a bespoke ceremony design or statement piece for your reception.

Weekend Weddings

Weekend weddings are continuing to rise in popularity and it is not hard to work out why, I mean who doesn't love a holiday, or a wedding. Put them both together and you have the formula for an unforgettable weekend. Most importantly, the couple gets to enjoy more time with their family and friends and really make the most of their special day... or days. In 2024 we are seeing these wedding weekends turn into a more elaborate, action packed itinerary of themed events, activities and quality moments. At Lawson Lodge, you are only limited by your imagination, from pre-wedding cocktail parties, to post wedding recovery days, we can help you plan the ultimate wedding weekend.

Audio Guestbooks

Say goodbye to traditional guestbooks! Audio guestbooks are emerging as a unique trend, allowing guests to leave heartfelt messages and well wishes through voice recordings. This interactive and personal touch adds an extra layer of sentimentality to your wedding memories.

Wedding After-Parties

Nearly all wedding venues have a curfew. We know… everyone wishes their party could go later, but those pesky legal requirements like liquor licenses and noise restrictions get in the way. After-parties are a great way to keep the party going, even if it is just with a selection of your favourite people or your biggest party animals. Our garden gazebo, fire pit and decking overlooking Mount Macedon is the ideal place to kick on after your official wedding reception is over.

Micro Weddings

Post-COVID, more couples are considering micro weddings, with 40 people or less. This doesn’t always mean spending less, but it does often mean bespoke menus, better wine, and a higher budget for those personal touches. Micro weddings are really personal and mean spending quality time with all your guests. We love micro weddings at Lawson Lodge because all of your guests can stay on-site together and enjoy an entire weekend of fun and festivities.

Champagne Towers

Retro is back, and this classic touch to your wedding is an amazing centrepiece. Instead of cutting the cake, why not pour the champagne and get your party started in a whole new way?

The Recovery Event

Wedding days go so fast! After months and months of dreaming and planning, then suddenly, one night of love and laughter and it’s all over. When you wake up the next day, presumably in that bubble of happiness, wouldn’t it be nice to have all your favourite people back to hear all their stories, share photos and eat all that leftover cake! Couples often say how busy they are on their wedding day. A recovery party is the perfect opportunity to stop and really catch up with your guests properly.

Photo by Journey by Light


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