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The ultimate NYE birthday celebration at Lawson Lodge

Updated: Mar 1

It is tricky having a birthday over the holidays, everyone is so busy or already has plans. When Deb came to us with ideas for her 50th, which fell over New Years, she just wanted a relaxed, fun holiday with all of her closest family and friends. Her guest list was up to 50 people, with loads of kids, so she was looking for a family friendly space with activities to keep kids, and adults, of all ages entertained.

Deb hosted her New Years birthday extravaganza this summer, and the celebration was the epitome of what groups could enjoy with a stay at Lawson Lodge. Deb had thoroughly planned her itinerary full of activities and relaxation.

Deb's stay began on NYE with her guests enjoying champagne on arrival followed by a glam party in our sports bar to celebrate Deb's birthday and to ring in the New Year. With sunset golf and fishing, and kids enjoying the kayaks and the cinema, it was a perfect, relaxing way to say farewell to 2023.

On New Years Day, the group spent the day at Hanging Rock Races, enjoying an iconic picnic at Hanging Rock. Picked up by a local bus company, the group enjoyed private a private seating area with umbrellas, and beautiful picnic boxes provided by Fed Foodstore & Catering.

The guests third day at the Lodge was a relaxing free day. Movies in the cinema, lazing by the pool, kayaks by the lake, golf, tennis or just a few drinks in the sun. Guests booked private massage treatments throughout the day with our outstanding therapists. In the evening, we arranged an onsite private gin tasting experience with Big Tree Distillery and a giant paella was on site for dinner.

If you are looking to host an incredible weekend away for your next milestone birthday or special event, there really is no property quite like Lawson Lodge.


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