Wedding Trends for 2022

We know right now there is a bit of uncertainty around weddings, however there is still lots to get excited about.  We’ve put together a list of our favourite 2022 wedding trends to help inspire the wedding planner in you.


Cocktail Weddings

Weddings have moved on a long way from the formal round tables and the alternate drop of chicken or beef (thank goodness!). Couples are looking for weddings that are a true expression of who they are, and lets face it, most of us are not that. Cocktail weddings, including gourmet BBQs, picnics, mobile bars and food trucks are becoming more popular, and we expect to see a lot more. Cocktail style weddings are great because they really have a relaxed fun vibe from the start. They are also cheaper, and easier to organise so that is a win for everyone!

Wedding After-Parties

Nearly all wedding venues have a curfew.  We know… everyone wishes their party could go later, but those pesky legal requirements like liquor licences and noise restrictions get in the way. After parties are a great way to keep the party going, even if it is just with a selection of your favourite people, or your biggest party animals. Our garden gazebo, with cosy fire place and decking overlooking Mount Macedon is the ideal place to kick on after your official wedding reception is over.

The Recovery Party

Wedding days go so fast! Months and months of dreaming and planning then suddenly one night of love and laughter and it’s all over. When you wake up the next day, presumably in that bubble of happiness, wouldn’t it be nice to have all your favourite people back to hear all their stories, share photos and eat all that left over cake! Couples often say how busy they are on their wedding day. A recovery party is the perfect opportunity to stop and really catch up with your guests properly. With so many lockdowns and families separated due to Covid, we think recovery parties are going to be a must have in 2022.

Micro Weddings

Especially with Covid persistently hanging around, more couples are considering micro weddings, with 40 people or less. This doesn’t always mean spending less, but it does often mean bespoke menus, better wine, and a higher budget for those personal touches. Micro weddings are really personal, and mean spending quality time with all your guests. Accommodating up to 44 guests, at Lawson Lodge weekend micro weddings are our absolute favourite. Watch this space.

DIY Weddings

DIY weddings have been around for a while. Originally it meant making everything by hand. Baking your own cake and styling your own flowers. However, this has changed a little over the past few years. At Lawson Lodge we like to call it DITW – Do It Your Way. Couples are looking for venues that let them put their own stamp on their special day. To choose their own wine list, caterers and decorations. The key is ensuring you have a great wedding caterer and venue supervisor who will manage the day so you can relax and enjoy your day.