Why go a Glamping Retreat?

There is no doubt glamping is one of the top trends in retreats and holidays right now. All over social media you’ll see images of luxurious tents in beautiful locations. Many people ask, is it really all it’s cracked up to be? It is just camping right?

Glamping isn’t ‘just’ camping. It’s camping with spacious tents, comfy queen sized beds and luxurious linen. While a lot of us enjoy the great outdoors, we also like our comforts from home. Glamping is the perfect mix of both.

There is something special about waking up, opening the front door and looking out at a picturesque lake. It’s pretty hard to get the same effect in a hotel room. Who wouldn’t want have breakfast watching the sun rise. It’s those moments in life that can make you just stop and be thankful.

Corporate glamping is an opportunity to do just that. Take time out, breath in some fresh air and re-evaluate things. We are all so busy in our lives that we barely get time to stop and come up for air. Chatting to collegues around a campfire, going on hikes, outdoor yoga and even fishing cam all help clear the mind and get you back on track as a team.

At Lawson Lodge we offer glamping packages that can be tailored to suit your mix of relaxation and business. With both indoor and outdoor meeting spaces, a range of team building activities and delicious catering options, your staff will be treated to a corporate experience like no other.